141 – Testosterone City

After more than a year of hibernation, Shoddy Radio triumphantly reemerges with podcast content that was well worth the wait. Danny arguing with his dad about whether or not he has the ability to make clouds disappear and some old clips about the 2012 election. Hopefully we’ll record some new stuff soon…

I Am Crud!

This is not a regular episode, so don’t expect the usual crass jokes and misogyny. This is a personal project I’ve been working on for a while about me and my dad that I’d like to get some feedback on. So listen to it with a critical ear but without cynicism, and let me know what you think. You can email any comments or ideas for improvements to shoddyradio@gmail.com and I would really appreciate hearing from as many of you as possible. Thanks.

140 – The Scraggly Woods

This episode was recorded a few months ago, so once again we spend most of the show talking about things that nobody cares about anymore. Some of the dated topics we discus include Misty May and Kerri Walsh, Fred Willard being arrested, the 1995 Aspen Comedy Festival, the 1992 Olympics, Designing Women, Mama’s Family, and finally we end the show with a personal story from 8 years ago scored with a song from the late 1960’s.

Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics
Derek Redmond pulls his hamstring and his father helps finish the race.

139 – The Upper Case J

This episode was recorded almost two months ago so it’s not very topical, but what it lacks in punctuality it more than makes up for with pure grit. We cover some subjects that the traditional media is too timid to tackle, but our hard hitting analyses shoves them right back to the front page… Ok, we talk about Cool Runnings again but I swear there is some other funny stuff mixed in as well.

138 – Orange Sunshine

Crud finishes the story he was telling on our last show and then gets put on trial again, this time with a much more egregious charge.

137 – Crud Court

This episode starts out with an impromptu round of “Chip Detective” then gets a lot more serious as we put Crud on trial for smoking in the shower.

136 – Splitsville

It’s Crud’s 65th birthday and on this episode we play messages from all of you wishing him a happy one. We also read Google Voice’s shoddy attempt to transcribe those voicemails into text.

135 – Andre Hyland

No Ben in this episode, but instead we are joined by the very funny Andre Hyland and Anna Lee Lawson. We talk about the origins of “The Jesse Miller Show” as well as some of Andre’s other characters. We also did a new “Tara’s Top Ten” and a phone call from Andre to Crud (which was one of the funniest things in Shoddy Radio’s history) but unfortunately the audio for that portion of the show was lost.

Anna Lee Lawson dot com
Anna's Website

Blond Chili dot com
Andre's Website

134 – Superego

This episode we are joined in studio by Matt Gourley, James Bladen, and Jeff Crocker from the hilarious “Superego” podcast. They share their opinions on Cool Runnings, Man-Bats, and other, less notable, subjects. Plus, they teach us a new improv game that, despite our awkward efforts, turns out to be not entirely unlistenable (thanks solely to their skillful and patient performances).

Superego Podcast
Profiles in self-obsession

133 – Bat Gold

Bat expert Warren Chan joins the show to discuss the possible of existence of a Man-Bat and gets sucked into some other ridiculous conversations as well, including a Big Foot debate with Crud.

132 – Hold On Loosely with Caleb Bacon

Fellow podcaster and host of “The Gentlemen’s Club”, Caleb Bacon joins the show and we discuss pornography from almost every perspective (or POV). From interviewing porn stars to actually sleeping with them, and even the moral dilemmas that dead porn stars present. Caleb also dishes a little Hollywood dirt in “Celebrity Gossip with RoboChris” and participates in our first attempt at a new segment called “Podcaster’s Corner”.

The Gentlemen's Club
Caleb's podcast "The Gentlemen's Club".

131 – Have Train? Will Wash!

Chris once again hacks into ex-producer Brian’s mainframe and reads the latest update to his script “Paper Jam”. Plus an all new segment called “Celebrity Gossip with RoboChris”.

130 – Ball Aficionado

This episode starts out with Crud pitching an idea for an awesome new cartoon. Then, somehow the topic shifts to testicular compliments and after a few calls we get a fairly comprehensive and very accurate female perspective on the subject.

129 – Nature’s Broom

No Chris in this episode but a call to Crud fills the void and even kind of begs to differ.

128 – Portable Potty

This episode covers many highly scientific topics, from big-foots to man-bats. It also covers many current, topical celebrities, from Meshach Taylor to Major Dad. Plus, a new game called “Racist Google”.

127 – Monkey Butler

In this episode we discuss what we think scientists actually do on a daily basis and what we would do if we became extremely wealthy. Plus, a new edition of “Paper Jam”.

126 – Smashing Blumpkins

This episode starts out with a new edition of “I’ll See You In the Funny Papers”. Then we get a totally objective lesson on stem cells, based purely on facts, with no religious influence, from “Bill O’Reilly the Science Guy”, and finally after a long absence from the show, Tara returns to help out with an all new “Tara’s Top Ten”.

125 – Sigourney Wiener

On this episode we try out a new segment called “Shoddy Advice”, we learn a lesson about our universe with “Bill O’Reilly The Science Guy”, and once again Wally pinch hits in the newest “Tara’s Top Ten”.

124 – The Verdict

Jamie sits in for a new installment of “Paper Jam”, a quick game of “Food Court”, and a call to Crud in the Emergency Room after his most recent bike accident.

123 – Jean Claude Grand Am

An earnest discussion about gay slang, a new installment of “Paper Jam” and “Tara’s Top Ten” (with Wally).

122 – The Final Solution

This is sort of a strange episode. We just kind of look back at last year, go over some old bits, jokes, and text messages that never turned into anything, then, abruptly transition into some already outdated political/gay talk.

121 – I’m With Stupid

Ben starts out the show vehemently defending rape, then Chris talks about a recent procedure he had done. Danny tells a story about grabbing boobs from behind and finally, Ben’s Dad joins the show to talk about swearing (among other things).

120 – Skittle Richard

After a very long absence (which we don’t address at all) Shoddy Radio is finally BACK! We say goodbye to Producer Brian and welcome in his replacement, Producer Lyle, with whom we discuss first date etiquette and online dating. Then Wally steps in, to cover for Tara in this installment of “Tara’s Top Ten”.

119 – The Butt-Hole Killer

This episode covers too many subjects to list them all, so the here are a few of the most important ones: body odor, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, the human brain, 9-11, tiny dogs, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Afrin nasal spray, butt-holes, texting, seasonal produce, Chuck Woolery, and Cool Runnings.

118 – The Master

Some light hearted toilet talk leads the way followed by some stories about Crud (Danny’s Dad) and his misadventures during his visit to Los Angeles.

117 – Tarbosh: The Arm Prince

This episode is basically just Danny and Chris (no Ben) talking about how women don’t belong in the work place. It also includes new installments of “Paper Jam” and “Ask Farbod” but they are both themed towards degrading women as well. Luckily, we bring in Jennifer (a real live woman) at the end to explain why we are not sexist… even though we are.

116 – The Real Deal

This episode starts out with some sexual hypotheticals then transitions into a quick game of “Food Court”. Then, things get a little controversial with some retarded political debate and finally, the show ends with a call to Danny’s dad Crud.

115 – Ol’ Marmy

Somehow Tornado Watch 2011 leads to us talking about penises for half an hour. Then a hilarious edition of “I’ll See You In the Funny Papers” and finally a call to Crud leads to some awesome singing.

114 – The Film Vault

Anderson and his sidekick Bald Bryan from The Film Vault join Chris and Danny to play a rousing game of “Trailer Trash”. They also talk movies, read the latest installment of “Paper Jam”, and have a surprise edition of “I’ll See You In the Funny Papers”.

The Film Vault
Bryan and Anderson's podcast

113 – Adam Carolla

Recorded as a companion piece for an article in Kush Magazine, the Aceman himself sits down for an interview with Chris and Danny at the ACE Broadcasting studios.

Become a fan

The Adam Carolla Show
Adam's Podcast

Kush Magazine
The premier cannabis lifestyle magazine

112 – Cigarette Butts

A strange mix of much more political and personal content than usual. This episode is basically two semi-topical presidential audio clips followed by a fairly earnest call to Danny’s dad Crud.

112 – Sexual Jesus

A much more political and personal episode than normal. It starts out with two presidential videos, then takes an abrupt turn into both Chris and Danny’s intimate affairs.

111 – Brian J. McKool

This episode starts out with a leprechaun related video which leads to some discussion about mythical creatures or beings. Then, new installments of both “Paper Jam” and “Tara’s Top Ten”.

A very scientific look at Leprechauns.

110 – Food Court

This episode starts out with a very informative discussion about technology, then thankfully/eventually moves on to some brand new segments including “Spoiler Alert” and “Food Court”.

See You in the Funny Papers
The video discussed in this episode.

109 – Yahtzee Biscuit

Tara’s Top Ten: movies turned into parlor games and the premiere of “Ask Farbod”. Plus, more “Paper Jam” and “I’ll See You In the Funny Papers”.

108 – Atheist Comedian

Stand up comedian Keith Lowell Jensen joins the podcast to talk comedy, religion and even shares a few behind the scenes morning radio secrets.

Rock Ass dot net
Also Keith's Website

Atheist Comedian dot com
Keith's Website

107 – Big League Screw

Ben comes right out of the gate with a glory-hole hypothetical then Chris unveils an idea for a possible new product. Later, it’s the first installment of two possible reoccurring segments: “Bill O’Reilly the Science Guy” and “I’ll See You In the Funny Papers”; plus another installment of Producer Brian’s movie script “Paper Jam”.

106 – Bananadana

A bit of a glimpse behind the curtain as we brainstorm which bits and segments should become the future of Shoddy Radio. Let us know which were your favorites or remind us of any we may have forgotten.

105 – This Just In

Danny compiles a captivating list of celebrity “friends of the show” and Chris recounts a recent Shoddy Radio business trip.

104 – Fagatron

Chris and Danny are flying solo on this one, kickin’ it old school. With Ben gone, they plot some ideas and possible new directions to take the podcast.

103 – Hot Sauce Jefferson

This episode starts out with some role playing, transitions into some super-topical TSA talk, stumbles onto some brilliant podcast promotional ideas, and finishes off with some animal debate.

102 – Floater

Rob Wynia (bassist and lead singer of the band Floater) sits in and talks about everything, from the band’s humble beginnings to independent radio’s tragic end.

Rob Wynia Dot Com
Rob's website

Floater Dot Com
Floater's website

101 – The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian

Shoddy Radio is proud to welcome comedian (comedienne?) Jackie Kashian in studio. We cover a broad range of topics including dead comics, dead presidents, and dead silent film actresses.

Funny Animal Cartoon
Jackie's animation

The Dork Forest
Jackie's podcast

Jackie Kashian Dot Com
Jackie's website

100 – Road Prayer

We are joined in studio by Jennifer, who is trying out for a permanent position as the female co-host on the show.

099 – Room For Improv-ment

We welcome fellow podcaster Aric McKeowen (Lieutenant Rutuger G. Phooneybaum) from The Mustache Rangers to our show to talk, teach, and even perform improv comedy with us.

The Mustache Rangers
A link to Aric's podcast The Mustache Rangers,

098 – Evolution 101

We are joined by Dr. Zachary Moore who talks science, evolution and a little religion with us. Probably not our funniest show, but certainly our most educational.

Dr. Zach
Dr Zach's website including links to his podcast.

097 – Time

A brief discussion about our desires, habits and true motivations leads to some interesting food-based analogies, plus a call to Danny’s dad leads to some interesting Crud-based anecdotes.

096 – Home Alone 4: Oh Boy

What starts out as some innocent improv quickly turns into an act-off between Ben and Danny, and then somehow digresses into perhaps the most embarrassing conversation in the show’s history.

Ben Stand Up Comedy
Ben's first time on stage in front of a live audience.

Chris Stand Up Comedy
Chris's first time on stage in front of a live audience.

095 – Jiminey Jenkins

Ben and Chris try to name silent film actors and then Ben reads a letter he received from himself in the past, addressed to himself in the future (which is currently the present).

094 – Captain Podcast

This episode is kind of like a Shoddy Radio special features disc. We play some “deleted scenes” from past shows and give our “director’s commentary” on why they were cut from the theatrical release.

093 – Mule Skinner Blues

Chris snivels a little about his horrible day so Danny calls Crud Savage to cheer him up with some stories, some singing and some jokes.

092 – Bromance

Chris and Danny test their compatibility and knowledge of each other by taking a romantic online quiz entitled “How well do you know your spouse?”

091 – Mercury or Saturn

Finally the triumphant return of Shoddy Radio. We play a game called Hamburger Hotdog and discuss some of the reasons for our long absence.

Five Tacos and a Taco
Danny on Five Tacos and a Taco

CDR Radio
Midnight Party being played and listened to by some slick Hollywood types

Edgy Podcast Reviews
Shoddy Radio being reviewed on Edgy Podcast Reviews

090 – I Thought I was the Dummy

Our shoddy attempt to tie up some loose ends and revisit some subjects we’ve left hanging over the past few episodes.

089 – Boobs Jobs

Chris rates and describes some non-profit internet breasts and Ben conducts a mock job interview.

rate my boobs
A non profit breast rating organization

088 – Name That Name

Somehow a name based trivia game breaks out into a royal rumble of pro-wrestling debate.

087 – Wipeout

This is Shoddy Radio at it’s worst. Nothing but foul and vulgar subjects, one after the next. A couple of guests are called but ultimately they just get dragged down into the filth as well.

086 – Riggy Shields

An actual attractive human female guest joins Ben, Chris and Danny and is forced to decide which of the three she would hypothetically fuck, marry, or kill.

085 – Laugh Track

A phone call to Crud leads to some crazed laughter and a bit of an awkward situation when the laughter finally stops.

084 – Five Shoddies and a Radio

Brad from Five Tacos and a Taco decides to slum it for a while and stops by to discuss stand up comedy, late night television, and some overheard conversations taken out of context.

083 – Podcats

A podcast about cats.

082 – RoboBen

After it’s debut on the 2009 Shoddies, this “lost episode” created so much clammer we were all but forced to release the entire show. So here it is, the full episode… now stop emailing.

081 – The 2nd Annual Shoddies

The 2009 Shoddy Awards hosted by RoboChris.

A Very Shoddy Christmas

Happy holidays from Shoddy Radio. It’s been a while since we’ve put out anything new, so here is some old stuff packaged in a new way. Sort of a Shoddy Radio re-gift, with a special appearance from RoboChris. Enjoy.

080 – Stink Shtick

A short visit from Producer Brian, a short reenactment of a typical day in his life, and Ben and Chris very delicately broach the topic of Danny’s musk.

079 – Toast On Tape

Ben and Danny get a little sentimental about their fathers and Chris gets sentimental about his bed.

078 – Be Honest

A short discussion of some of the strange strategies men employ to impress women is interrupted for the second time in a row by Crud Savage, this time in person.

Rammstein Video
Don't watch this unless you are prepared to watch pure German porno.

077 – Ghost Dad

This show starts off with some pretty grisly topics and supernatural subjects but is soon pleasantly interrupted with a surprise phone call from past guest and current father (of Danny) Craig “Crud” Savage.

076 – Temptation Sin Boat

A new Shoddy Radio reality show (and spin-off) is created along with some VERY topical Kanye West discussion.

075 – Sincerely Regards

A speed round of our top ten top five lists.

074 – Friction Or Fraction

Recipe for an average podcast: Three parts email, two pepperoni lean pockets (without the pepperoni), and a dash of tide with bleach. Listen on low or with headphones at work.

073 – RoboChris

The first ever Shoddy Radio censorship. Producer Brian deemed a joke in this episode “too offensive” and bleeped it to keep our sponsors on board. Remember this day folks, the twentieth of August, the year two thousand and nine, the day that Shoddy Radio sold out.

072 – Guess Who

Two hours spent guessing which NFL football player played for which NFL franchise in 1991 based on some fleer ultra football cards we found in our neighbors trash does not make for a good podcast. So we whittled down to twenty four minutes.

Boomer Busey
See Gary Busey posing as Boomer Esiason for his 1991 football card.

071 – Who Spilled Grape Juice

This may be the greatest/strangest podcast in our short history, based entirely on one phone call. The whole episode is a little disturbing but the end is so surreal it almost sounds scripted.

070 – Copcast

Ben and Danny start out the podcast alone and debut Ben’s wedding songs. Eventually Chris arrives and gets the podcast back on track with some corncob related material.

069 – Celebritymorgue.org

Here is a list of things that this podcast is not: funny, timely, worth listening to… It’s probably our worst effort this year but we’ve all been very busy lately so BACK OFF!

068 – Steer Twizzle

In this episode Ben (our asian co-host) is replaced by Wally (our first annual email contest winner) and Jamie (our musical director) joins us as well. Debauchery ensues.

067 – Danny Darwin

Did you ever notice that men and women think differently about children? Ever wondered why some people have attractive bodies but not so attractive faces? Find out the scientific explanation for these phenomena and more with “Human Condition Specialist” Danny Darwin.

066 – FittyTuck

The first ever Shoddy Radio listener email show in which Ben, Chris, and Danny offer up some love advice, impersonate one and other, and attempt to do a non-offensive segment for their new target demo of early adolescent teenaged girls.

065 – Space Train

In this episode we find out why immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

064 – A Damsel In Distress

Chris and Danny sit down with Sophia Gray (Danny’s Mom) and take a stroll down awkward memory lane. Not the funniest podcast in the Shoddy Radio catalogue, but at least Ben’s not involved.

063 – The Worst of Shoddy Radio

A collection of clips strung together in a brand new format. Perhaps the beginning of a new era of Shoddy Radio.

The Ultimate Warrior
Why doesn't someone call the cops?

062 – Zombie Camping

This podcast can be broken down into three separate acts. Act One: Zombie Hunting. Act Two: Picnic Time. Act Three: Gone Camping.

061 – Ten Things I Hate About You

Ben and Chris list off all the things they hate about Danny. Join the fun and list a couple yourself, in the comments for this podcast.

060 – Never Pity The Titty

Here are a few alternate titles for this podcast. Naked Fist Fight, Island Rape, or Sleeping Creepy. These are also good suggestions for band names.

059 – Chicken Chimichanga

Musical director Jamie Enochs and web-master Shadi Malaski are in studio to play a tag line trivia game and help create a boring podcast.

058 – The Spirit Of Cool Runnings

A public Cool Runnings sighting re-sparks the debate over it’s relevance in today’s pop culture.

For the man who has everything
Get your Christmas shopping done early this year.

057 – The Magic Unicorn

It’s an all out brawl featuring Chris against Jesus, Pope against Doctor, Old People against Gay People, and our main event, Black Kid vs. Retard.

056 – The Human Lie Detector

Chris (the human lie detector) interrogates Ben (the human liar) with some help from Danny (the human laugh track).

055 – Let Me Ask You This

An autopsy video leads to some interesting questions and self reflection as we deconstruct what it really means to be human.

This link will not work unless you create a youtube account with an age above 18

054 – Orange-Gu-Tan

Ben, Chris, and Danny try their collective hand at writing some monologue jokes for Danny to butcher.

053 – Cool Runnings

This podcast is solely intended to be listened to as an audio companion to the Walt Disney’s most famous, most popular, and without a doubt, most viewed on video cassette classic, Cool Runnings. So fire up your VHS machines and enjoy.

Cool Runnings
Join the masses.

Midnight Party

We have received literally tens of thousands of letters, emails, and requests for an mp3 version of Midnight Party from people who want to use it as motivational music for speeches, movies, exercising, or even for actual midnight parties. This is just the song so if you are a new listener and haven’t listened to the original Midnight Party podcast then go back and find it before listening to this. Otherwise, here is the song that changed podcasting forever.

052 – Leonardo DiCrapio

This podcast was originally recorded as a Valentines Day Extravaganza, but was delayed two weeks in production. So it is being released now as a Post-Valentines Day Extravaganza.

051 – Weekend at Bernie’s III

Have you ever wondered what your favorite 80’s movies would be like if someone merged them together? Well, in this podcast Ben, Chris, and Danny explore that concept and ruin some of the classics.

050 – Who Done It

Ben unveils a brand new game and Chris and Danny square off for the victory. Tempers flare, friendships are forged, and hearts are broken as the contest comes down to the final question.

Answer key
Click here for the answers to the questions while listening

049 – The Spanktity Of Marriage

A generation old rivalry is rediscovered, some new sponsors are incorporated, and the topic of panty smelling is finally explored.

Shields Electric
For all your electrical needs

Becker Tile
For all your tile related needs

048 – The Fugly Olympics

Ben, Chris and Danny talk about their favorite and least favorite superbowl adds this year and pitch a few of their own commercial ideas to each other.

047 – Swear Off

Ben, Chris and Danny attempt not to say any swears and discuss whether or not cursing is a crutch. Plus the debut of The Ben and Chris Podcast.

046 – Nordstrom Hunts

The first annual superbowl prediction podcast as the Cardinals and Steelers prepare to face off. Ben, Chris and Danny join in on the media hype for tomorrows big game and throw in their best bet.

045 – Pioneeros

Ben, Chris and Danny find themselves discussing serial killers, public suicides and big brother. Enjoy the laughs! (Note to the government: All presidential threats mentioned in this podcast were satirical and/or sarcastic. Please do not take legal action. Thank you for your cooperation.)

Hey Man, Nice Shot
Pennsylvanian Politician Budd Dwyer commits suicide at a press conference.

044 – The Devil’s Henchmen

Ben Shields becomes an official co-host of Shoddy Radio and a possible new intro is played in his honor. Also Ben, Chris and Danny list off some predictions for 2009.

043 – Open Mic

Sports news, bad jokes, stolen jokes, stand up comedians, calendars, and more sports news. A medley of topics are covered in this podcast, none of which are exceedingly interesting

042 – Zootime Showdown

Hypothetical animal battles bookend a psychological breakdown of the female sexuality. If this sounds a little too highbrow for you, get ready to be proven wrong.

041 – Animal Passions

Another video driven podcast, although this one is much less abrasive than the last. Ben, Chris and Danny give their take on bestiality while watching a documentary on self proclaimed zoophiles.

Cooking with vegans
A bbc documentary on animal lovers.

040 – More Than A Feeling

Important Message!!!! If you are related to any member of this podcast or do not enjoy creepy masturbation discussions, avoid this episode at all costs. But if you like awkwardly one sided conversations with disgustingly vivid descriptions of sexual self discovery, then man have we got a podcast for you… this one.

039 – New Years Resolutions

Ben, Chris and Danny list their goals for 2009 and welcome in the the new year with a new song from Jamie Enochs.

038 – The Shoddies

Our first annual award show and what a show it is. Many of our favorite moments mixed with some unheard material to form what can hopefully become a new years tradition. Enjoy!

037 – Creed vs. Nickleback

The two greatest bands in history face off in a battle for ultimate supremacy over rock and roll. Who will arise victorious? The raw, untamed, pure rock fury of Nickleback? Or the smooth and sexy jazz/reggae trio Creed? You’ll have to listen to find out. (But you can only listen in one ear for some reason???)

036 – Three Men One Cup

WARNING! This podcast is not funny! It is disturbing. It may have some entertainment value on some sick level but I highly recommend that you do not listen to this on a full stomach.

One Man One Cup
The most disturbing video ever. Do not watch until you've listened to this entire podcast.

035 – All Things Considered Offensive

A somewhat morbid discussion of the definition of offensive. Among the topics considered are funerals, racial slurs, dead relatives, the holocaust, and gay jokes (the usual suspects). Not a podcast for the feint of heart.

034 – The Thanksgiving Spirit

A romantic and lighthearted discussion in which Ben, Chris and Danny give thanks for pies, presidents and podcast technology.

033 – The United State of M’america

Jeremy Gentry and Producer Brian help lay out the tenets for a new religion and perhaps a brand new nation.

032 – Air Clements

Chris and Danny mourn the passing of “the candy age” of halloween and usher in a new era, “the slutty age”.

031 – Dr. Jack Flufferton

Ben Shields returns to discuss pet-names, cat names and funny asian names. Also the most annoying song ever is sung. Twice.

030 – Manhug

This podcast had an alternate title, “Cry Me A Retard” but a couple of our sponsors thought that might be a little racy.

029 – Midnight Party

The crowning moment in this podcasts history. Listen in as perhaps the greatest song ever written…… is written. Live!

028 – Sportsnooze

Ben Shields interviews for a full time position at Shoddy Radio. And we learn that the zip code for Knights Landing is 95645.

027 – Shaft Deep… I Can’t Believe It

A Surprise phone call from past guest Ben Shields adds some life to this podcast. It also adds some horrible audio.

026 – Trailer Trash

A no holds barred movie trailer guessing contest. Hosted by Jamie Enochs with Producer Brian competing against Chris and Danny. The winner? You, the listener.

025 – Dear Diary

A win… Barely! Starts out strong and finishes eventually.

024 – Kracketball

A new sport is invented and some old secrets revealed. A modest podcast.

023 – The Misadventures of Kalamity Crud

Craig Savage is in studio again and this time Chris and Danny recount how many times they’ve seen him naked.

022 – Crud’s Creed

Craig Thomas Francis Savage joins Chris and Danny as they take a stroll down very limited short term memory lane.

021 – A Sovereign Nation of Polygamy

Bad Ass Jeremy Gentry is in studio as a brand new religion is born.

020 – The Duke of Puke

What do you get when you combine urine, saliva and vomit? A slightly above par podcast.

019 – Ben Shields, Turkey Nuggets and Pubic Hair

Ben Shields and two real live girls join in the fun for our second pubic hair related podcast.

018 – We Chinese We Play Joke

Slow at first but well worth the wait. Shadi Malaski attempts the pepsi/coke challenge and a surprise visit from Producer Brian.

017 – Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Some tough questions get answered as Chris and Danny go for three wins in a row.

016 – Bored of the Rings

Jamie is back, and so are Chris and Danny. Boo Ya!

015 – On the Wings of Our Dreams

Standing tall, Chris and Danny take on T.V. theme songs and arise victorious. I know forty minutes looks daunting but this one might be worth it.

014 – Lord of the Midgets

I don’t want to give too much away but, this podcast is a boring.

013 – Colorblind Buffet

Weird audio problems at the end but the gay jokes and racism make up for it.

012 – And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Pretty funny, excellent message and most important, no agenda.

011 – Teacher, Preacher, Double Feature

Another loss for Chris and Danny. There are a couple of laughs scattered amongst the meandering discussion but they’re probably not worth searching for.

010 – A Shadi Interview

Shadi Malaski returns and nothing of interest is discussed. Enjoy!

009 – Breakfast of Champions

Musician/Web Designer Shadi Malaski is in studio for some serious cereal debate.

008 – After School Special

Dear all of Asia, please accept this pretend apology for any remarks that may have been somehow interpreted as racist and for perhaps our worst podcast ever. Forgivaness please.

007 – A Bleak Monkey Future

Religion! Politics! Science! Thinly Veiled Racism! If you sit through all that you might get a couple laughs at the end. (plus an impromptu song)

006 – Stand Down

A whole lot of rambling sprinkled with a dash of comedy. The perfect recipe for a subpar podcast.

005 – Monkey Rides Tiger, Carries Shark

Hypothetical animal fights hindered by basic lack of knowledge for animals and general scientific principles.

004 – Name that Trailer

Jamie Enochs hosts an action packed movie trailer trivia free-for-all. Producer Brian calls it “A playful romp”.

003 – Give Me Puberty or Give Me Death

Probably the least mature podcast so far. Producer Brian and Jamie Enochs are in studio for a little pube talk.

002 – Incest or Sodomy… Plus Torture!

Jamie Enochs stops by the studio for some hypothetical questions. The audio quality is low but the comedic value is average.

001 – Roasting Rotisserie

Our first attempt. Poor audio, very vulgar but somewhat funny.