Invisigun Heroes – Kickstarter

If you’re still subscribed to this podcast, that means you probably really like Shoddy Radio (or you’re just really lazy). If it’s the second option, you’re probably not reading this anyway (because you’re lazy), but if it’s the first, then this is your opportunity to actually significantly help us. We have been helping a close friend of ours (who also helped make Shoddy Radio possible) develop and create a really fun multiplayer indie game that is currently on Kickstarter.

If you like games or know anyone who does, or just want to see what we’ve been up to, check out the Kickstarter page. If you decide to back the game, drop us a line so we can meet up in the private alpha forums, and maybe we can even set up some private high-stakes Shoddy Radio matches (loser has to drink pee).

Invisigun Heroes – Kickstarter
Campaign Page

141 – Testosterone City

After more than a year of hibernation, Shoddy Radio triumphantly reemerges with podcast content that was well worth the wait. Danny arguing with his dad about whether or not he has the ability to make clouds disappear and some old clips about the 2012 election. Hopefully we’ll record some new stuff soon…

I Am Crud!

This is not a regular episode, so don’t expect the usual crass jokes and misogyny. This is a personal project I’ve been working on for a while about me and my dad that I’d like to get some feedback on. So listen to it with a critical ear but without cynicism, and let me know what you think. You can email any comments or ideas for improvements to and I would really appreciate hearing from as many of you as possible. Thanks.

140 – The Scraggly Woods

This episode was recorded a few months ago, so once again we spend most of the show talking about things that nobody cares about anymore. Some of the dated topics we discus include Misty May and Kerri Walsh, Fred Willard being arrested, the 1995 Aspen Comedy Festival, the 1992 Olympics, Designing Women, Mama’s Family, and finally we end the show with a personal story from 8 years ago scored with a song from the late 1960’s.

Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics
Derek Redmond pulls his hamstring and his father helps finish the race.

139 – The Upper Case J

This episode was recorded almost two months ago so it’s not very topical, but what it lacks in punctuality it more than makes up for with pure grit. We cover some subjects that the traditional media is too timid to tackle, but our hard hitting analyses shoves them right back to the front page… Ok, we talk about Cool Runnings again but I swear there is some other funny stuff mixed in as well.

138 – Orange Sunshine

Crud finishes the story he was telling on our last show and then gets put on trial again, this time with a much more egregious charge.

137 – Crud Court

This episode starts out with an impromptu round of “Chip Detective” then gets a lot more serious as we put Crud on trial for smoking in the shower.

136 – Splitsville

It’s Crud’s 65th birthday and on this episode we play messages from all of you wishing him a happy one. We also read Google Voice’s shoddy attempt to transcribe those voicemails into text.

135 – Andre Hyland

No Ben in this episode, but instead we are joined by the very funny Andre Hyland and Anna Lee Lawson. We talk about the origins of “The Jesse Miller Show” as well as some of Andre’s other characters. We also did a new “Tara’s Top Ten” and a phone call from Andre to Crud (which was one of the funniest things in Shoddy Radio’s history) but unfortunately the audio for that portion of the show was lost.

Anna Lee Lawson dot com
Anna's Website

Blond Chili dot com
Andre's Website

134 – Superego

This episode we are joined in studio by Matt Gourley, James Bladen, and Jeff Crocker from the hilarious “Superego” podcast. They share their opinions on Cool Runnings, Man-Bats, and other, less notable, subjects. Plus, they teach us a new improv game that, despite our awkward efforts, turns out to be not entirely unlistenable (thanks solely to their skillful and patient performances).

Superego Podcast
Profiles in self-obsession

133 – Bat Gold

Bat expert Warren Chan joins the show to discuss the possible of existence of a Man-Bat and gets sucked into some other ridiculous conversations as well, including a Big Foot debate with Crud.

132 – Hold On Loosely with Caleb Bacon

Fellow podcaster and host of “The Gentlemen’s Club”, Caleb Bacon joins the show and we discuss pornography from almost every perspective (or POV). From interviewing porn stars to actually sleeping with them, and even the moral dilemmas that dead porn stars present. Caleb also dishes a little Hollywood dirt in “Celebrity Gossip with RoboChris” and participates in our first attempt at a new segment called “Podcaster’s Corner”.

The Gentlemen's Club
Caleb's podcast "The Gentlemen's Club".

131 – Have Train? Will Wash!

Chris once again hacks into ex-producer Brian’s mainframe and reads the latest update to his script “Paper Jam”. Plus an all new segment called “Celebrity Gossip with RoboChris”.

130 – Ball Aficionado

This episode starts out with Crud pitching an idea for an awesome new cartoon. Then, somehow the topic shifts to testicular compliments and after a few calls we get a fairly comprehensive and very accurate female perspective on the subject.

129 – Nature’s Broom

No Chris in this episode but a call to Crud fills the void and even kind of begs to differ.